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Breaking Down Musical Barriers

Music has the rare ability to transcend the differences and divisions between us, bringing out the best of people: creativity, honesty, empathy. The REIGNPROOF CORPORATION, as an active member of the modern music community, we strive to embody these timeless and powerful qualities in everything we do for YOU.



Welcome to The REIGNPROOF CORPORATION, in partnership with our esteemed production collaborator, Grade A Media Productions – we are your new premier destination for audio and visual production, music management, publishing, and distribution.


Our mission is to expertly guide music artists in planning, executing, and launching comprehensive strategies that pave the way for their growth and ultimate success. Well known for our extensive contacts, knowledge base, and over 20 years of industry resources, we empower our artists to reach and surpass their goals.

What sets us apart from competitors is our unique ability to adeptly negotiate, sell, and broker major deals on behalf of our clients. As seasoned experts in both the music business and brand building, our focus extends beyond creating a fanbase; we actively assist our clients in cultivating a dedicated following. Additionally, we provide support in planting the seeds of success, nurturing and enhancing market viability by aligning business opportunities seamlessly with brand (SEO) positioning.

At The REIGNPROOF CORPORATION, alongside our production partner Grade A Media, we take pride in helping our clients construct the essential bridges for success. Our specialized approach centers on global music distribution across top channels, ensuring your music reaches audiences worldwide. Join us on this transformative journey through music management, publishing, and distribution, as we propel your artistry to unparalleled heights!

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