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Artistic Analystics 
Management and Distribution

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Artists and Repertoire and Music Management
Distribution and Music Placement
Production and Social Media Management

Welcome to The REIGNPROOF CORPORATION, your go-to source for Artists and Repertoire (A&R) services and comprehensive music management. Our primary focus revolves around expertly curating exceptional musical talent and providing extensive support to artists, guiding them through the intricacies of the industry.

At The REIGNPROOF CORPORATION, we specialize in the meticulous curation and development of artists. We empower musicians to reach their full potential and achieve their artistic aspirations.


With the ability to navigate negotiations, sales, and broker major deals on behalf of our clients. We became experts in both artist development and the music business, our commitment extends beyond simply building a fanbase.


We are currently and actively assist artists in cultivating dedicated followings, planting the seeds of success, and nurturing market viability by aligning business opportunities seamlessly with their unique brand positioning.

In the realm of Artists and Repertoire and Music Management, The REIGNPROOF CORPORATION is your dedicated ally, guiding artists through strategic curation, development, and industry navigation. Join the movement.

Let us, be your premier source for distribution and publishing services, specializing in music placement for Xbox, PlayStation, Soundtracks for movies. Our focus is on being the foremost destination for artists seeking optimal exposure and strategic placement across various platforms.

At The REIGNPROOF CORPORATION, we excel in seamless distribution, publishing, and specialized music placement for gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. we been helping artists by providing essential tools and platforms for their music to resonate across gaming landscapes.

What sets us apart is our proficiency in navigating the intricate landscape of music placement for gaming consoles, ensuring that our clients' compositions find the perfect home in Xbox and PlayStation environments.


Additionally, we bring expertise to crafting scores and soundtracks for movies, providing artists with diverse opportunities for their music to enhance cinematic experiences.

In the realm of distribution, publishing, and music placement for Xbox, PlayStation, scores, and soundtracks, The REIGNPROOF CORPORATION stands as the best source. 


By joining us you'll be in collaboration with Grade A Media Productions, who specialize in a comprehensive range of services encompassing Music and Visual Production as well as Social Media Management.


Our expertise spans from crafting original musical compositions to meticulous Mixing and Mastering, encompassing top-notch Audio Engineering.


Additionally, we excel in creating visually captivating productions, including music videos and short stories.


Complementing our creative endeavors, we also offer SEO services tailored for social media platforms, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement. Elevate your artistic vision with our integrated approach to music, visuals, and social media excellence. We are the winning Team.


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